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Working Papers is typically a work which in progress. The working paper series of ISFIRE provides a platform for authors in various disciples to publish their research/book chapters, academic articles, reviews/notes which are under submission, or forthcoming elsewhere.

* ISFIRE Working Paper series has a standard format.
* Papers can be downloaded from ISFIRE site by individuals.
* Downloadable copies of Working Papers will remain on the site.
* The copyright of working papers remains with the author of the paper.
* The ISFIRE is not responsible for views/ thoughts expressed by author(s).
* Comment(s)/ feedback about the published papers can sent to: iireresearch@isfgroup.in
* Comment(s)/questions about the published papers can also be mailed to author(s).

Invitation for Authors

  • Authors can get their work reviewed and published with iire. Paper can be sent to iireresearch@isfgroup.in or can be uploaded on ojs.iire.com after registering in with a few simple steps.

Articles, research/book chapters, reviews/notes which are under submission, or forthcoming elsewhere are invited for publication. IIRE has a result oriented and well set process for quick publication.

Current Issue

Vol. 46 (2023): Mental and Emotional Preparation for Seafarers

Working in the Merchant Navy can be rewarding, but also demanding. Seafarers face unique challenges that can affect their mental and emotional health, such as isolation, stress, fatigue, and culture shock. To deal with these challenges effectively, seafarers need to be mentally and emotionally prepared before and during their voyage. This article highlights the need for such preparation, not only for the youngsters but also to experienced officers and crew members on board.

Published: 2023-05-10
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