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Working Papers is typically a work which in progress. The working paper series of ISFIRE provides a platform for authors in various disciples to publish their research/book chapters, academic articles, reviews/notes which are under submission, or forthcoming elsewhere.

* ISFIRE Working Paper series has a standard format.
* Papers can be downloaded from ISFIRE site by individuals.
* Downloadable copies of Working Papers will remain on the site.
* The copyright of working papers remains with the author of the paper.
* The ISFIRE is not responsible for views/ thoughts expressed by author(s).
* Comment(s)/ feedback about the published papers can sent to: iireresearch@isfgroup.in
* Comment(s)/questions about the published papers can also be mailed to author(s).

Invitation for Authors

  • Authors can get their work reviewed and published with iire. Paper can be sent to iireresearch@isfgroup.in or can be uploaded on ojs.iire.com after registering in with a few simple steps.

Articles, research/book chapters, reviews/notes which are under submission, or forthcoming elsewhere are invited for publication. IIRE has a result oriented and well set process for quick publication.

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