Leveraging Technological Advancements for Enhanced Maritime Education and Training


  • Capt. Yogesh Shah


Maritime Education, Technology Integration, Digitalisation, Training Methodologies, Technological Advancements


This paper delves into the transformative impact of integrating advanced technology within maritime education and training. Focusing on simulators, multimedia resources, and mobile applications, it illuminates the innovative shift towards online learning and assessments in the maritime industry. The study explores the originality of this technological integration, highlighting its pioneering role in reshaping traditional teaching methods. By leveraging cutting-edge simulators, immersive multimedia tools, and easily accessible app-based resources, this research showcases compelling results. It elucidates how these advancements foster not only a more engaging and practical learning environment but also significantly enhance the skill development and decision-making capabilities of maritime professionals.


The study's findings underscore the potential applications of these technological advancements in maritime education. They indicate a paradigm shift towards more adaptable and efficient training methodologies, promising vast implications for the industry's workforce. These innovations have the potential to create a dynamic learning landscape, ensuring that maritime professionals are better equipped to navigate the complexities of modern maritime operations. Thus, this paper accentuates the paramount importance of technology in revolutionizing maritime education, emphasizing its originality, transformative results, and promising applications. Its insights advocate for the widespread adoption of these technological advancements, ultimately fostering a more skilled, adaptable, and competent maritime workforce.



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Shah, Y. (2024). Leveraging Technological Advancements for Enhanced Maritime Education and Training. IIRE Journal of Maritime Research and Development, 8(1), 1–23. Retrieved from https://ojsiire.com/index.php/IJMRD/article/view/255




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